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NETI-NOSI (TM) POTS are used to perform Jalaneti which
means nasal irrigation. Neti nasal cleansing has been
practised for hundreds if not thousands of years in many
cultures around the world.

Being widely known amongst the Yoga fraternity in India,
cleaning the nasal passages with salt water was thought
to be an old wives tale in Scandanavia but was actually
carried out by sailors when they wanted to prevent the
onset of a cold.

Alternative health practitioners worldwide are turning
again to this age-old method and recommending regular
nasal washing with a saline solution.

Neti is a simple technique that can be integrated into the daily hygiene routine with the use of a specially designed ceramic pot filled with luke warm water and a dose of salt.
"Neti Pots were featured on the Oprah Winfrey show in the US"

In our polluted modern world that is full of allergens and dust it is now more important to keep the nasal passages clean and healthy. The finely tuned mechanism of hairs and mucus membranes in the nose are our first line of defence against bodily invaders.

In order for our defences to operate to maximum efficiency
we need to prevent them becoming overloaded.

Given the rising number of people suffering from congestion and respiratory problems such as ashma and hay fever, it is a scary thought that prescribed antibiotics are becoming less and less effective. The natural method of Neti is a good alternative and it's very cheap.

First of all fill the Neti pot with luke warm water. Add around a quarter teaspoon of salt and let it
dissolve. The salt should be a pure salt without anti-caking agents.

Lean forward over a sink and insert the pot into the right nostril. Keep the mouth open slightly and
tilt the head to the left and after a moment or two, the water should start to flow through the nasal passageway and out of the left nostril. It's a funny sensation at first which is similar to what happens at the swimming baths or swimming in the sea when water goes up the nose.

pic1   After half the water has been used gently blow the nose and repeat the process for the right nostril. Blow the nose gently again when finished.

Next, close off one nostril and breath out
through the other (not forcefully). Reverse this action switching the out breath between nostrils and breathing in through the mouth each time. Repeat several times. This is done to dry the nose and is an important part of cleansing.

yin and yang
After performing Neti nose washing most people feel refreshed with a clear head. However, it's not just the ear, nose and throat which are affected.

Given that the mucus in the nose travels down the throat and into the stomach, and that anything entering becomes absorbed into the blood stream, there are very likely benefits for the whole body.

It is imperative to keep the mucus as clean as possible and free from germs in order to maintain a healthy balance.

A regular practitioner of Neti reported:

"I suffered from chronic sinusitis for years, with headaches, tiredness etc. Medicine didn't work anymore, and an operation was thought to be necessary. After I had learnt nasal cleansing together with a few breathing exercises, the operation became unnecessary and today I am completely healthy".

Neti is also beneficial for people working in dusty or dry atmospheres particularly office and factory workers and people travelling frequently by airplane.

Neti can be done before Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation to enhance breathing.

Neti can be used to guard against colds and flu. It is a natural alternative to nasal sprays, tablets and other drugs.

NETI-NOSI (TM) POTS are available in Lotus, Yin and Yang, and Om.
They also come in Chakra/Aura associated colours including Terracotta, Orange, Yellow, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Lilac and White.

yin and yang
Yin & Yang

Neti-Nosi Pots are available from Sculpta Ceramics, Roslyn Works,
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