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Kiddigrip Tableware
Kiddigrip tableware

The Kiddigrip ceramic tableware range is for children age 3 and upwards.

Kiddigrip Tableware set

Kiddigrip Tableware range featuring the Polka dots design.

The two handled mug has large handles which allow kids to use all fingers to get a grip, crucial for safety when drinking that first cuppa.
The plate and bowl feature a wide overhanging rim, again easy for fingers to grip and very useful when transporting meals from the kitchen.
The plate has a deep outer wall for pushing food onto spoons and forks and preventing spillage.
The bowl has an inner lip for scooping up that last baked been and keeping little fingers clean.
The range consists of 3 items; 9” plate (230mm), a 7.5” bowl (190mm) and a two handled mug 3.75” (95mm) in height.
Kiddigrip Tableware Plate
The Personalised 9” (230mm) plate.
The plate features the alphabet around the edge and can be personalised with a child’s name.
In addition a small doodle, finger painting or hand print by the child can be applied to make a unique personal but very practical gift. We can scan the personalised art work or it can be scanned by the customer and sent to us by email in digital format to be converted into a ceramic print and fired directly onto the plate.


All items are handmade in the Potteries Stoke-on-Trent from the finest quality Staffordshire Earthenware and are dishwasher and microwave safe.


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